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Class Offerings

Our class list includes a range of levels and techniques and are taught by our certified team of instructors. We pride ourselves in offering classes that are both dynamic and meditative, letting you move your body as well as still the mind.


This is our most popular class, and offers practitioners the opportunity to explore a wide range of poses and techniques. Together with the instructor’s guidance, you will be able to challenge yourself and reach all new heights. In this class you linkin your breath with movement, therefore helping to create a relaxed body, mind and spirt! Hot yoga will challenge you mentally and physically. This class can help strengthen muscles, boost cardio & increase endurance.


Vinyasa Flow

Ready to roll out your mat and get started with yoga poses? This class has a little bit of everything: meditation, dynamic flow, stretches and restoration. If you are looking for a class that offers active and restful poses, this is the one for you! This is a great class for beginners and practiced in a warm room, around 78 degrees.


Yoga for Stress Relief

Explore the benefits of this series of gentle, slow and restoring therapeutic yoga poses, that are designed to relax and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. Throughout this class, we will dive into healing breathing techniques, hip, shoulder, chest and spinal poses that will provide pain relief, improved sleep cycles, stress reduction and overall well being. Utilizing a variety of supportive yoga props, this practice will leave you feeling rehabilitated.


Wake Up Yoga

Kick start your day with an early morning practice that will leave you feeling awake and energized. Expect to move through postures that will help strengthen the body and increase range of motion. A morning yoga practice brings a mindful day. 

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga performed while sitting. This class is a great alternative for those with limited mobility. The chair is used for support on poses. You can regain strength, confidence and mobility. This class is 45 minutes. 



By making yoga enjoyable and empowering, Keystone offers Workshops that are uniquely designed for a wide variety of skill sets. You will thank yourself for joining us! We offer one or two workshops monthly including yoga wheel workshops, Full Moon or New Moon Healing Circles, Reiki healing circles, yin yoga and sound healing.



Email or call the studio for information and pricing to book a private session or private chair yoga session. Keystone Yoga also offers Girl's Nights Out, Bachelorette Parties, Corporate Offices and more!

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