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Care and Commitment



Kristen found vinyasa yoga in 2011. She walked into a beginner’s class not knowing what to expect and after the hour was finished she was hooked. Kristen practiced sporadically for a few years, never really finding a consistent practice. In 2015 she decided to commit more to her yoga practice and completed her 200hr teacher training. Kristen graduated from teacher training at Peace of Mind Studio, Conyngham PA, under the direction of Lynn Patton and Kristen Yuhas. Her training included teachers Annie Q., Sid McNairy & Deborah Williamson. She has trained for 18+ hours in trauma informed yoga, including the Prison Yoga Project under the direction of James Fox in April 2017. Kristen has traveled to Aruba and spent 5 days on a yoga retreat with Rachel Brathen, aka Yoga Girl, at Island Yoga. Kristen has taught over 780 hours of yoga classes. After going through a major life change in 2016 she dove deeper into her practice. Kristen has made a commitment to roll out her mat almost daily. She truly believes in the transformations that are possible on your mat, both physically and mentally. Kristen moved to Florida in 2019 and started searching for a place to build a yoga community. She opened Keystone Yoga in Brandon FL in June 2021. Her goal as a yoga teacher is to safely guide you to your edge and outside of your comfort zone while nurturing your body, mind and spirit. Kristen is honored and humbled after each yoga class she teaches. Kristen teaches Vinyasa Flow, Power Vinyasa Flow, Chair Yoga & Morning Flow.



Megan started her yoga journey when a friend invited her to a yin yoga class in Spring of 2014. She enjoyed the physical benefits yoga had to offer and continued to take classes to add to her fitness routine. It did not take long for her to realize that yoga was going beyond the physical body; it was creating a body, mind, and soul connection. She was excited to share with others and often times invited her friends to take classes with her. She practiced yoga on and off for five years; slowly deepening her practice.  During the months of lockdown in 2020, she challenged herself to practice yoga every single day. The challenge soon became a lifestyle, and made it her goal to become a yoga teacher. She began her Yoga Teacher Training in summer of 2021 at The Lotus Pond. She graduated in December 2021 with 200 hours of YTT specializing in Hatha Yoga. In her classes she focuses on alignment, traditional poses, and breath with movement. She is excited to expand her knowledge in hopes that yoga will transform the lives of others, like it did with hers. Megan teaches Hatha Flow & Wake Up Yoga at Keystone.



Erin discovered yoga in the early 2000s at her local gym, and was fascinated by the asanas, energy flows, and the deep relaxation found through meditation. She practiced through college, feeling that the meditative space and body awareness were helping to manage stress and balance her world, though not quite understanding how. After teaching various group classes for several years, she felt compelled to bring a deeper level of wisdom into her instruction. By the end of her 200-hour RYT training at Karma Yoga, her practice felt infinitely expanded; she looks forward to spending the rest of her life exploring and sharing that yoga which occurs solely on the inside. Erin looks forward to integrating modern science and ancient wisdom in her practice as well as her instruction. As a scientist, she hopes to bring some skeptics over the fence and into the magic. After all, even the famed astronomer Carl Sagan said “We are made of starstuff.” She can't wait to bring the deep joy of yoga to others; in a society that expects constant productivity and discourages rest, there is nothing quite so rebellious as allowing space for restoration, relaxation, and healing. She ardently hopes to bring the idea that self love is not selfish to every class, and wants her participants to say “I deserve this!” with enthusiasm and ZERO qualifiers. Please join her - the rebellion awaits, and it's going to be a blast!



Kaye is a Brandon, FL native. She was introduced to yoga in 2009, and in 2011, she began practicing Baptiste yoga where she fell in love with the physical and mental practice. Kaye completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training certification at Big Fish Yoga in 2012. She went on to teach Baptiste power vinyasa, introductory classes, adaptive needs yoga, breathing and meditation classes, and yoga classes to individuals with traumatic brain injuries. In 2016, Kaye
earned her Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy. Occupational therapists are trained to address the mind, body, and spirit of an individual as a WHOLE. Yoga aims to balance the WHOLE person. As a healthcare professional, Kaye has continued her yoga practice while integrating yoga into her professional practice as an Occupational Therapist. Kaye’s passion for yoga stems from the
transformation that it brought to her life. As a yoga teacher, she seeks to empower and bring the balance of the WHOLE to her students.
“As you grow older, if you don’t move you won’t move.” -unknown

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